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75 Pies That’ll Make Everyone Say, “Oh My!”

Created August 28, 2018
These blue-ribbon-worthy pies are perfect for every occasion from holidays – all the pumpkin pies! – to birthdays – for people who hate cake – to potlucks – have you heard of a slab pie? – so open up your recipe box and make room for Betty’s best pie recipes.

With these pie recipes on hand, you might be anxious to get into the kitchen, but we suggest you first read through this quick primer on different types of pies and the tips you need to make them perfectly every time.

A buttery, flaky pastry crust is the most traditional shell for a pie, especially for a fruit pie. It’s what we think of when we imagine a perfect apple pie. Learn to make a single-crust pie – a pie without any top crust, like for pumpkin pie – or double-crust pie, often used for jammy fruits, like apple – a pie with a full pastry or lattice crust top – in this article about how to make pie crust.

Some one-crust pies, made with a traditional pastry crust, require a partial or complete baking before the filling is added. Partially baking the crust before adding the filling prevents it from becoming soggy. Other pies, like French Silk Pie, must be fully baked before the filling is added, as the filling doesn’t need baking.

An ultra-easy variation on traditional pie pastry is the pat-in-the-pan method called for in our Pumpkin Pie recipe. Instead of chilling your pie pastry in the fridge and then rolling it out, you simply stir together the ingredients. Then add the crumbly pastry to your pie pan and use your fingers to pat the pastry out until it covers the bottom and sides of the pan.

No-bake or refrigerator pies are perfect for summer. They feature a cool and creamy filling and a crunchy crust that is made by combining butter with any number of ingredients from crushed graham crackers – like in our Easy Key Lime Pie – to cookies – check out our No-Bake French Silk Pie – to pretzels – our Fluff Strawberry Pie is a summertime favorite – and even granola bars – check out this Mixed-Berry Cream Tart. If you’re ready to make a no-bake pie, check out this article on how to make a graham cracker crust in just two simple steps!

Crustless pies, like our beloved Impossibly Easy pies, are the easiest pies of all. The addition of Bisquick to the filling adds heft, so you end up with a smooth, custardy pie that holds together without the fuss of making a crust!

Slab pies are one of our favorite ways to feed a crowd on holidays or at potlucks. And when planning for a party, we like to be smart and use the shortcuts that can make it easier, which is why many of our slab pie recipes call for using delicious Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust. The trick to making a slab pie is to stack two crusts on top of each other and roll them out. With this method, you can stretch your crust large enough to fit a 15x10x1-inch pan without breaking a sweat. And, if you want to really get creative, try using Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix to make our Peanut Butter-Banana Slab Pie or graham crackers to make our S’mores Slab Pie.

Meringue pies might seem intimidating, but they certainly don’t have to be. Betty’s article on how to make meringue will equip you with everything you need to know to make one of our most beloved recipes, Classic Lemon Meringue Pie.

Now that you’ve got all the tips and tricks down, it’s time to grab your apron and get to work! And while we curated this list so you’d have all the essential recipes, pie fiends need not fret; Betty Crocker had plenty more pie recipes for you to try.