The Modern Classic Thanksgiving

From the essential dishes you have to have to the cleverest new takes on classics, we have every dish you need—plus cooking and baking advice—to create an updated-yet-timeless Thanksgiving feast MORE+ LESS-

The Thanksgiving Recipes You Can Rely On

There's no settling when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal. Everyone brings out their best to the table, and you will too, with these thoroughly tested recipes that are guaranteed to wow.

Planning and Prepping

Once you've picked out all the dishes you want to make, it's time to start putting a plan into place and getting ready for the big day.

How-To Headquarters

Step-by-step guides and deep dives on how to perfect each item on your Thanksgiving menu.

What To Make The Next Day—And The Rest of the Month, Too

When you've got a house full of guests, a hectic schedule and a packed fridge, these are the recipes you can turn to.

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