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Best Turkey Recipes

Updated October 18, 2023
During the holidays, there’s nothing better than having a house full of family and friends and this Thanksgiving, whether you’re serving six or sixty, we’ve got a turkey recipe for you. From tasty new twists to tried-and-true traditions, turkey has truly never tasted tastier! May we suggest you try one of those tasty new twists? The new turkey on the block is basted in a soy-and-butter sauce that produces a richly-flavored bird and not to mention a seriously luscious gravy you’ll want to pour on everything. Ready to have the best Thanksgiving ever?

With so many turkey recipes, it’s hard to choose just one—we get it—that’s why we’ve developed so many recipes that are more than just a once-a-year dish. So whether you need a showstopping recipe for Thanksgiving or you find yourself craving a weeknight turkey dinner, we’ve got 33 recipes that’ll satisfy all your turkey needs.

Leftover turkey? Try one of our Tasty Ways to Transform Leftover Turkey.

Think of turkey as the versatile meat that can be used in soups, casseroles, sandwiches, tacos and so much more. Here are 10 New Takes on Turkey.