How We’re Cooking Turkey Now

Updated October 11, 2017
Nothing says holiday like turkey. Whether you’re hosting 6, 12 or 24, we’ve got the perfect recipe for you among Betty’s best turkey recipes. MORE+ LESS-

Now that you’ve selected your recipe, below are the tips you need to cook succulent and delicious turkey.

  • The general rule of thumb is to have one pound of uncooked turkey per person.
  • For whole-bird cooking, don’t forget to thaw your turkey. Depending on the size of your bird, it could need as long as five days to defrost. For food safety reasons, always thaw your turkey in the refrigerator. Check out our handy thawing chart to calculate the amount of time your turkey will need.
  • If you’ve found turkey to be a meat that’s on the dry side, you might want to try brining it before cooking. Brining is a simple technique that helps lean meat, like turkey, become moist and flavorful. There are two approaches to brining. Wet brines involve submerging your turkey in a salty solution, while dry brines require rubbing your turkey with a salt-spice mixture. Both approaches need to be done well in advance of cooking, so planning ahead is necessary. Learn all the details you need in this article about how to brine a turkey.
  • If you don’t have the time to brine, there are other easy ways to add flavor to your turkey. Check out our article about how to season a turkey, and if all else fails gravy is sure to turn turkey into a delectable dish. Homemade gravy is foolproof with Betty’s article on how to make gravy.
  • Although it may look challenging, carving a turkey is actually pretty simple with the right tools. To make sure you have the right equipment on hand, check out our top ten tools for turkey day and then check out Betty’s step-by-step instructions on how to carve a turkey.

If this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving, you may want to check out Betty’s tutorial on how to cook a turkey. It’ll walk you through every step of the process, no matter if you want to brine, roast or even deep fry your bird.

And, if you’re a fiend for all things turkey, you’ll want to explore even more of Betty’s turkey recipes.