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Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Block Party

Created January 10, 2017
Whether you can enjoy being outdoors or spring is still waiting in the wings, the 5th of May marks the beginning of warm weather potluck entertaining for many. New neighbors, old friends, whoever is on the list invited will find plenty of reasons to mingle and enjoy memorable Latin food and fun geared to grown-ups.
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Block Party


  • Shop for paper and plastic goods for eating and serving this meal, especially if eating outside or serving a crowd-size group. Be inspired by serving dishes you have to give your party its color theme.
  • Use a combination real or crepe paper flowers (available at Mexican markets or in kits) and brightly colored ribbons for a centerpiece.
  • String lights or colorful Mexican cutout banners inside or out.
  • Arrange groupings of cactus or succulents in pots around the party area. Plan for a fiesta look when planting pots of flowers on your deck or terrace this year!
Music and Dance
  • Bring on some great Mexican music. GRAMMY® Awards are given in several Latin music categories. Check to find music that may be new to you or that's perfect for dancing.
  • Find someone who knows some Latino dance steps and practice with them so you can help friends enjoy these dances at your party, too!
  • Everyone has an opinion. Tasting a selection of Mexican beers or choosing a favorite salsa can give guests a way to mix and mingle when they may just be getting acquainted. If you know each other well, you will know how competitive your friends like to be!
  • Tasting beer can be as simple as offering a variety of brands to having a formal tasting, like you would with wine. There are many online sources for setting one up. What Mexican beer you'll most easily find are light or amber lagers, making our choice an informal tasting that won't put newer friends on the spot.
  • Offer four small tasting samples all offered at the same temperature (skip the lime for now!), offer a chunk of bread between sips and evaluate for color, aroma, taste, mouth feel and drinkability. Choose a favorite.
  • Tasting salsas can take several directions. Guests can all be asked to "doctor" a particular brand like one of our Old El Paso® Thick 'n Chunky salsas or Muir Glen® organic salsas and bring it to share.
  • Or, just have guests bring their favorite store-bought or homemade salsa. Evaluate each for color—from green to deep rich red, and flavor—from mild to fiery, from smoky to fresh. Tortilla chips are perfect for tasting salsa. Have water to sip between tastes. Select a favorite or favorites!
Enjoy these salsa recipes or use them as an "idea" to create your own new one.