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Ideas for Gourmet Olive Oil

Created January 12, 2017
Supermarket shelves have so many choices when it comes to olive oil and those oils with such interesting sounding flavors, like roasted peanut, sweet basil or walnut. How does one use them?

Ideas for Gourmet Olive Oil

Perhaps you were given one of these oils—sometimes called artisan—as a gift and now wonder how best to use it. These oils can be impressive! Here are some ways to work them into your cooking:

Match oil flavor to recipe ingredient


  • Splash oil on cooked fresh vegetables instead of butter or margarine.

  • Liven the flavor of rice, pilaf or stuffing mixes with flavored oil rather than butter or margarine.
  • Stir into plain ol’ mashed potatoes!

  • Give Betty Crocker® pasta salad mix pizzazz by switching from plain vegetable oil when you make it. Here’s one to try: Dijon Chicken and Pasta Salad.

Use it up, make it easy, save the calories