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Classic Holiday Recipes Made Modern

Breathe new life into some classic holiday dishes. A simple spin on an old stand-by can inspire you to take another look at the flavors that make the holidays so special.

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Reimagine Traditional Holiday Fare

Everyone has traditional recipes around the holidays. The kind of food you grew up eating, the flavors you look forward to year after year, generation after generation. As time goes by and traditions change and evolve, you get the opportunity to put your own twists on the classics, sparking even more joy as you make meaningful new memories with family. Let this collection inspire meals, sides, and desserts that deliver all the comforting flavors you crave—and deliver all the time-saving tricks you’ve come to count on from us.

Modernizing the Main Course

Nothing makes the seasonal spread feel festive quite like the iconic, shareable centerpiece. The unforgettable Thanksgiving turkey, the classic green bean casserole. There’s a feeling of nostalgia with these tried-and-true classic flavors. So even a modern take simply must deliver. You can create a traditional experience with Brined Whole Turkey, or prepare something more contemporary with a time-saving Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast. Or upgrade the Green Bean Casserole into an elegant Green Bean Gratin. All the tastes you count on, delivered in a fresh, new way.

Super-Charged Side Dishes

The main may be the centerpiece at the holiday table, but the right side dishes can elevate the whole meal. Filling out the spread with rolls, potatoes, veggies, and more completes the meal and creates the moment. Gathering around a shared meal creates a feeling of togetherness. Why not make it even more special with a classic Scalloped Potatoes, or go for something new with a tasty, layered Potatoes Anna. If you love our classic Maple-Glazed Brussels Sprouts, try a transformed take with Brussels Sprouts Slaw with Honey-Mustard Dressing.

Dessert Done Differently

Just because the main meal is done, there’s no reason for the party to stop. We’ve got updated versions to some of your favorite desserts and even festive drinks are a perfect place to get creative. The timeless Jeweled Fruitcake has a well-earned reputation as a beloved holiday dessert. It deserves a place at any traditional holiday table. And for the modern maker? Fruit Cake Cookies are a crunchy, shareable way to bring those familiar flavors to the table with an unexpected twist. And for a beverage, you can have traditional Creamy Eggnog, or put a grown-up spin on the evening with the Italian Eggnog Martini.

Start a Timeless Tradition Today

Whether you’re updating an old tradition, or starting a new one from scratch, the holidays are the perfect time to make special mealtime memories together. These recipes can be your guide to creating new timeless traditions this season—traditions your family will enjoy for years, and your children will carry on a generation from now. The holidays are here, so let’s get cooking!

Mac & Cheese 

Green Beans



Fruit Cake

Brussel Sprouts