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Easy on the Budget Baby Shower

Created January 10, 2017

Gifts, favors, invites, decorations and food for a friend or relative's shower can really add up. Find our cost-saving strategies for showers that are so clever, no one will realize dollars are being stretched.


Ways This Shower Saves You Money

  • Oh-so-fun, but easy, Baby Bib Appetizers give a great first impression. Have friends pass them on serving tray and offer with glasses of punch as guests mingle. Everyone will think she's at a fancy catered event!

  • Everyone drinks with the mom-to-be! Our crowd-pleasing Lemon-Strawberry Punch is thirst quenching without the cost of individual bottled drinks, wine or drinks with liquor.

  • Picture this. Our low-cost main dishes look pretty on the plate.

  • Finishing touches like those in photo images give the plate eye appeal. Those watermelon wedges dress up chicken salad and stretch costly fresh fruit. The shredded lettuce and tomatoes on the Impossibly Easy Chef's Salad Pie have big impact.

  • Muffins baked in miniature muffin pans take muffins from ordinary to extraordinary, as would Simple Popovers if you can round up enough baking pans. 

More Ways to Save

  • Let your decorated cake be the table centerpiece! Don't miss these baby-themed cakes: Baby's Booties, Rubber-Ducky Cake and Baby Rattle Cupcakes.

  • Host a shower mid-morning, afternoon or evening instead of meal time! You'll just need a beverage with coffee cake or dessert.

  • Use an online invitation service. 

  • Use your own tableware even if you need to mix and match them.
  • Share the hosting with other friends and make the shower eats potluck. 

  • Select game prizes or favors needed as edibles you make yourself. Who wouldn't want to go home with individually-wrapped Brownie Pops or Chocolate Teddy Bear Pops as a sweet treat.

  • Recycle and reuse glass baby food jars decorated with painted designs or tied with ribbon to hold votive candles at an evening shower. Or fill with individual blooms from a bargain grocery store flower bunch. 

Fun & Games 

  • Some people love them; some people can't bear them. Ask the mom-to-be her preference and consider the guests invited before embarking on those you think fun.

  • Give guests something to do as gifts are unwrapped that's not competitive. Hand out printed sheets with letters of alphabet. Have them come up with baby-related words for each letter. Chat and compare lists. Or let experienced moms write down words of wisdom. Collect in folder or card box for the mom-to-be. 

Check our ABC Baby Shower for more cool party activities.