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4 New Halloween-Ready Brownies

Created January 12, 2017
Looking for clever desserts for a Halloween party? Try one of these new tricks (and treats!) for a spooky-cute twist on the classic brownie.

Need a fuss-free Halloween dessert? We’ve got you covered with these new brownie ideas that are so cute, it’s spooky! Whether you choose the owl, witch, mummy, bat (or all four!) they couldn’t be easier to make. Each of these recipes start with one classic and delicious ingredient: Betty Crocker fudge brownie mix. A few extras like licorice, candy corn, chocolate wafers, Betty Crocker candy eyeballs, and frosting help bring the brownies to life and make the decorating kid-friendly.


Mummy Brownies

Gooey fudge brownies get cut into squares, wrapped with white frosting and topped with two candy eyeballs for a mummified dessert that’s fuss-free and delicious.


Brownie Bats

Using a cookie cutter, shape the brownie into a circle and just add wafer wings, sprinkle fangs and candy eyeballs!


Witch Brownies

A piece of black licorice gives this cute brownie witch her must-needed accessory: a black hat!


Owl Brownies

A candy corn nose, Reese’s Minis peanut butter cup eyebrows and gummy peach rings make this brownie owl’s face a “hoot” to decorate.