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Build a Brownie Bar Party

Created January 10, 2017
Build a Brownie Bar Party
It's party time! Flip over brownies dipped in chocolate extraordinaire. All you add is a drink for sipping and a few friends to share the fun.

When out-of-town friends gather this summer or it’s time to get together after a day full of activities, this party’s guaranteed one of the easiest you’ll ever throw. And, it’s open to so many variations. 

The Shape of Things 

  • The triangular shapes in the recipe are a good size and shape for easy handling. 
  • You could cut brownies in cookie-cutter shapes like you’ll find in Stars and Stripes Brownies or Brownie Hearts. Simple cutter shapes work best! Here’s another tip; spray the cookie cutter with cooking spray for easier cutting.
  • Wedge-shaped brownies are what you’ll have if you use two 9-inch round pans. See how to bake this way by looking at the Brownie Ice Cream Torte recipe. 
  • Or, simply cut smaller squares like we have for Brownies and Chocolate-Raspberry Fondue

Theme & Variations 

  • Build our Berry Brownie Parfaits another time friends get together. Yum! 
  • Dig into the winning combo of brownies, ice cream and toppings to make a DIY Brownie Bar with ideas in our Supreme Brownie Sundaes recipe. Here’s a tip; freeze scoops of several flavors ice cream. Place on ice in bowls or buckets for easy sundae making with your crowd. 
  • Put a cinnamon spin on your sundaes when you doctor the brownie batter with that spice. Here’s how: Cinnamon Brownie Sundaes. It’s a fiesta!