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Flag Cupcake Cake

For such a special gathering, I created a festive flag cake that will bring out the patriotic side of every guest...and it tastes really good! MORE+ LESS-
By Jessica Walker
Flag Cupcake Cake

The first order of business is to bake 48 cupcakes. This will require two boxes of Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® cake mix. I used all white cake but you can vary the flavors however you like. After I baked the cupcakes, I put them in the freezer overnight. This really helped in the decorating process. They were much more stable for all the frosting you will be spreading. 

The next day, lay out your cupcakes in a rectangular flag shape on a board. (You may want to cover the board with foil.)

Flag Cupcake Cake

Next, divide your frosting. You will need about four cans of Betty Crocker® Rich and Creamy frosting for this cake. One can should be colored blue. (I used blue food color paste in order to achieve a rich blue color.) I then colored 1-1/2 cans of frosting with red food color paste.

Flag Cupcake Cake

Set the colored frostings aside so that they firm up and become brighter in color. 

In the meantime, slide 12 of the cupcakes to the side of the board. These are your blue section. It helps to move them away from the rest of the cake. 

Now it is time for the base. Put some white frosting (straight from the can) into a decorating bag. I used the largest tip I had...the size and shape of the tip doesn't matter because the frosting just has to be piped all over the cupcakes. After the cupcakes are covered, start spreading.

Flag Cupcake Cake

You will need to refill your bag a couple of times. 

Then do the same with the blue frosting and 12 cupcakes you set aside; carefully slide to join the rest of the cake.

Flag Cupcake Cake
Flag Cupcake Cake

Next, scoop the red frosting into another decorating bag. Using a large star tip, pipe a row of stars. Then pipe another row directly underneath, making a wider stripe. You can be creative with this, making smaller stripes if you want.

Flag Cupcake Cake

Finally, add white stars to the blue section with your leftover white frosting and a small star decorating tip.

Flag Cupcake Cake

You now have a delicious cupcake cake that is guaranteed to feed your 4th of July crowd...and have them coming back for sweet seconds!