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A lemon meringue pie that tastes like sunshine

Let's Get Making

Our current faves

From a cake that’s better than almost anything to brownies that are actually cupcakes, these easy-bake desserts have us all aflutter.

Delightful dinners

Spring forward with these simple, family-friendly recipes featuring fresh veggies, Mediterranean flavors and more.

20 Colorful Spring Dinners
20 Colorful Spring Dinners
Celebrate the bright and vibrant colors of spring with these must-try recipes. Packed with garden-fresh flavors and hues, like golden carrots, green zucchini and bright red peppers, these 20 simple and schedule-friendly recipes give you family-pleasing dinners and more time to enjoy them.
Cookie of the Week OREO™ Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Bombs
Cookie of the Week OREO™ Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Bombs
Take Betty Crocker™ Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix to the next, delectable level. In this easy-to-make recipe, cookie dough is stuffed with mini OREO™ cookies, baked and then topped with chocolate frosting and a white chocolate drizzle. It’s the ultimate upgrade that’s soon to become your family’s new favorite.

Sensational spring recipes

You’re going to love how easy it is to put a spring spin on dinners, side dishes and desserts that your family will devour.

Top picks for picnics

Pull out your checkered blankets and picnic baskets! These easy recipes travel well and taste delightful beneath the spring sunshine.

Betty Crocker™ Oat-Tastic Baking Mixes
Betty Crocker™ Oat-Tastic Baking Mixes
Betty’s Oat-Tastic chocolate brownie and muffin baking mixes are a must-try! They give you everything you want in a sweet treat plus all the benefits of baking with oat flour. All you need to do is add a few ingredients and pop them in the oven for a sweet, fresh-baked treat any day of the week—and cleanup is a breeze!

Easy peasy lemon recipes

Squeeze the day with these bright and sunshiny recipes featuring luscious lemony flavors for dinner and dessert.

Light and bright salads

Slip into a spring state of mind with these simply delicious and satisfying salad recipes—they’re great for lunch or dinner.

Betty Crocker™ Batchables
Betty Crocker™ Batchables
Whether you’re hosting a small family gathering or you just want a few fresh-baked snacks, Betty Crocker™ Batchables Cookie, Brownie and Muffin Mixes give you the freedom to make a little or a lot. Just add milk or water and whip ‘em up in minutes!

Spring into dinner

Satisfy your family’s appetites with savory spring recipes that are on the lighter side. They’re a cinch to make and taste great.

Let’s eat cake

This bouquet of recipes is filled with fresh fruit flavors that are simply perfect for any spring occasion.