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Mexican Coffee

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  • Prep 15 min
  • Total 25 min
  • Servings 10
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Sugar and spice make this chocolate-flavored coffee so nice!
Updated Feb 21, 2007
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  • 12 cups water
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 4 tablespoons ground cinnamon
  • 4 whole cloves
  • 1 cup regular-grind coffee (dry)
  • 1/2 cup chocolate-flavor syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Whipped cream, if desired


  • 1
    Heat water, brown sugar, cinnamon and cloves to boiling in Dutch oven, stirring to dissolve sugar. Stir in coffee; reduce heat to medium-low. Cover and simmer 5 minutes.
  • 2
    Stir in chocolate syrup and vanilla; remove from heat. Let stand 5 minutes for coffee grounds to settle. Strain coffee into coffee server or individual cups; discard grounds mixture. Serve with whipped cream.

Tips from the Betty Crocker Kitchens

  • tip 1
    Authentic Mexican chocolate is known for its hint of cinnamon.
  • tip 2
    If you'd like, pick up a shaker with coffee toppings, such as cocoa and cinnamon, from a coffee or gourmet food shop. Pass the shaker when serving mugs of the hot coffee so folks can sprinkle a topping or two over their whipped cream!


90 Calories, 0g Total Fat, 1 g Protein, 23 g Total Carbohydrate

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Serving
Calories from Fat
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
25 mg
240 mg
Total Carbohydrate
23 g
Dietary Fiber
2 g
1 g
% Daily Value*:
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
1 1/2 Fruit;
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

More About This Recipe

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, that means what you drink with your AM feast is the most important beverage of the day.

    Either way, your morning meal wouldn’t be complete without a beverage or two. While drinking directly from the orange juice container while standing at the fridge is fine if you’re in a rush, it’s a new year and we think you can do better.

    1. Coffee

    News flash: coffee is hot (except when it’s iced). If you want to improve the jolt from your java, add a little sugar and spice for some Mexican Coffee or add a drop of booze for an Irish inspired variety.

    2. Virgin Bloody Mary

    If you’re laying off the cocktails for a New Year’s Resolution or want a breakfast drink the entire family can enjoy, make a classic Bloody Mary and skip the booze. The vodka doesn’t really add any flavor, and that tomato juice is plenty tasty without the tipple.

    3. Other Bloody Mary Variations

    How about some Sriracha to add spice to your morning cocktail? Or, an oyster or two? Or maybe some pepper-infused vodka? If that AM cocktail is as tired as some runny scrambled eggs, check out our tips for amping up the traditional mix of tomato and vodka here.

    4. Michelada - A Beer Drinkers Breakfast Cocktail

    Popping open a bottle of your favorite beer isn’t the best idea so early in the morning, but if you gussy up that brew with some tomato juice and spices you are good to go. A michelada is a beer drinkers Bloody Mary – you mix half a glass of brew (the lighter the better) with half a glass of tomato juice and then add Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, lime juice and anything else that strikes your fancy. This is an especially good if you’re starting your day with a breakfast burrito.

    5. Blackberry (or Raspberry) Mimosa

    The classic mimosa has fueled countless AM meals. You can modify this simple mix of three parts champagne and one part orange juice with some fruit. Keep the measurements of your liquids the same, but throw a few blackberries into the glass and muddle them up before mixing. Or, if you want sweet over tart, use some raspberries instead.  If it’s fresh and will fit in a champagne glass, you can use it in a mimosa.

    6. Bellini

    A bellini is a mimosa for peach lovers. Add a spoonful of peach puree to a glass of your favorite sparkling wine and voila, a delicious breakfast cocktails is born.

    7. Corpse Reviver #2

    If you drank too much at your party the night before, just look at the name of this classic cocktail. It was designed to turn you from a green-faced zombie into a functioning member of your brunch party. Mix one ounce each of gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc and lemon juice with a dash of absinthe. Pour in a glass over ice and you’ll feel like one of those dancing ghouls in the Thriller video.

    Or if you just can't stand the thought of additional alcohol, try a Coco-Ginger-Lemon Booster Shot (pictured above).

    8. Smoothies

    A drink that’s a meal to get your day started? Done and done. Just grab some fistfuls of your favorite fruit, a jar of Greek yogurt, and a blender. The possibilities are endless, here's the 101 on making smoothies.

    9. Ramos Gin Fizz

    It’s no coincidence that so many of the AM-cocktails come from New Orleans – the folks in the Big Easy are serious about their sunrise beverages. The Ramos Gin Fizz uses egg whites to add some fizz and give you a protein blast with your morning meal. It’s a mix of gin, lemon, lime, egg and cream.

    10. Greyhound or Screwdriver

    Your eyes are bleary and you haven’t had caffeine, you can’t even think about making a multi-ingredient libation for your brunch party. So, stick to the basics. A screwdriver is one part vodka to four parts orange juice and a greyhound is the same with grapefruit juice. Totally easy and super tasty, these beverages will help brighten up your AM. Now you just need to figure out how you put two different socks on during your morning stumble – yikes.

    nybarfly knows his drinks and also where to get the best sauce in Manhattan. Check out his blog site, NYBarfly and his Tablespoon profile — be sure to continue to check Rock UR Party for more tips and suggestions for discovering new bevvies.

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