Candy S'more Brownies

candy s'more brownies Dessert
Candy S'more Brownies
  • Prep 10 min
  • Total 1 hr 50 min
  • Servings 9

Make use of leftover Halloween candy. Just add graham crackers, marshmallow candies and your favorite milk chocolate candy bars to Betty Crocker fudge brownie batter! MORE+ LESS-

Paula Jones
Updated September 20, 2011
Betty Crocker Premium Brownie Mix
Make with
Betty Crocker Premium Brownie Mix


box Betty Crocker™ family-size fudge brownie mix
Vegetable oil, water and eggs called for on brownie mix box
large graham cracker rectangles
pieces milk chocolate candy (from milk chocolate candy bar)
marshmallow ghost candies


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  • 1
    Heat oven to 350°F. Spray 8-inch square (2-quart) glass baking dish with cooking spray; set aside.
  • 2
    Make brownie mix batter as directed on box. Pour half of batter into baking dish.
  • 3
    Break 2 graham cracker rectangles into 4 squares. Place on top of batter. Break remaining graham cracker rectangle into smaller rectangles; place over batter to fill in spaces.
  • 4
    Place pieces of chocolate in 3 rows by 3 rows. Place 1 marshmallow ghost on top of each chocolate piece. Pour remaining batter over top.
  • 5
    Bake 35 to 40 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool completely, about 1 hour, before cutting and serving.

Expert Tips

  • If you don’t have leftover Halloween marshmallows ghosts, you can substitute regular marshmallows.
  • Place additional marshmallows on top of the brownies once they’ve been baked, then place them under the broiler for a minute to have a toasted marshmallow topping.

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