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How to Build a Burger Board

Created August 8, 2023
Burger Board
Impress friends and family at your next cookout with a fun and easy-to-make Burger Board. We’ve got all the tips you need to pull this party trick off without a hitch.

Create a Burger Bar in 3 Easy Steps

Nothing says “grilling season” like burgers, and like a lot of things in this life, burgers are best when made to order. That’s the beauty of Betty’s burger board! The patties, sides and toppings are all available in one place, so everyone has an opportunity to customize their own — no tough choices need to be made, like do I want salsa burgers or cheeseburgers…or both?! What’s more, we’ve laid out how you can pull this off for your next summer grilling gathering or cookout meal, from shopping to serving.

What, exactly, goes into a burger board? Think of a charcuterie or cheese board but with burger patties, grilling sides, condiments and toppings, all arranged in a fun and easy-to-grab way. What kinds of toppings? Anything’s fair game, but we’ve got a great list below!

The key to a burger board is to keep it fun and casual — whether it’s Memorial Day, Labor Day or any day in between, this easy burger board is sure to go down in entertaining history.

Here’s how to pull off this mouth-watering summer activity in just three simple steps.

1. Choose Your Burger


The burger is the pillar of your whole board, which means it’s a good idea to nail down how you’re going to grill ‘em. Of course, pre-made patties are always an easy option, just make sure to season them before grilling. If you’re making your own patties, Betty’s Grilled Juicy Burgers are always a great place to start. If you’re ready to get more creative, try these Grilled Bacon-Cheese Burgers. With crispy bacon and tangy blue cheese dressings, they are a sure hit, especially if you’re expecting a larger crowd. And for smaller appetites, these Grilled Baby Burgers are just the right size.

If you or your guests are into veggie-based burgers, give these Portabella Mushroom Burgers a try. They’ll hold up under a variety of awesome toppings.

While it’s great to have your grill plan in order, don’t forget that you can always prepare the rest of your burger board before the guests arrive, then just place the burgers in the middle of your board as they come off the grill.

2. Plan Your Toppings & Condiments

Now that you’ve got your burgers covered, it’s time to top ‘em off. This is the fun part, so let inspiration be your guide. As always, Betty has a great place for you to start: Grilled Burger Recipes. Pick a few of your favorites and shop their toppings. You can also center your choices around a theme (Greek, Tex-Mex, etc.). Borrowing ingredients from pizza, pasta or even breakfast recipes can make for exciting ideas too.

Don’t forget the condiments! Here’s another place where creativity counts — don’t be shy about venturing beyond the tried-and-true trio of ketchup, mustard and mayo. To make this step extra easy, we’ve put together a list of essential toppings and condiments, along with a few less-expected ideas.

Toppings Condiments
Flavored Ketchup
Honey Mustard
Herb Mayo
Pickles & Pickled Veggies
BBQ Sauce
Chimichurri Sauce
Pepperoni & Other Meats
Hot Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Ranch Dressing
Pineapples & Other Fruits
Cheese Dip
Jalapeno & Bell Peppers
Grilled Corn & Mushrooms
Cream Cheese
Potato Chips
Tzatziki SauceCocktail Sauce
Thousand Island Dressing
Mac & Cheese

3. Build Your Board

Here’s where it all comes together! Your board can be whatever shape you wish (round, rectangle or square). A tray with handles will make transporting the board from your kitchen to the table much easier. Whatever you use, it’s a good idea to line the burger portion with parchment paper. This will help keep grease and mess to a minimum and make for an easier cleanup.

Once you’ve gathered all of your toppings and condiments, scoop them into small bowls and arrange them on your board, including serving utensils.

Also, make sure you have plenty of plates on hand so all guests can get in on the fun. If the mood strikes, you could add a side salad or two to the spread, or better yet, ask your guests to bring a dish or dessert. Speaking of dessert, If you’re feeling extra kitschy, these Mini Burger Cookies are a fun way to top the whole board off.

Now all that’s left to do is grill your burgers, add them to the board and dig in!

Making burger boards is one of our favorite summer activities. We hope you have a blast creating your own DIY masterpiece. If you’re craving more helpful ideas for outdoor summer entertaining, check out our quick and easy grilling tips.