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Thanksgiving Biscuit Sandwich Bar

By Cindy Rahe
It’s the day after Thanksgiving! Make use of all those Thanksgiving extras with this festive biscuit sandwich bar.

In my family, the day after Thanksgiving is just as busy as Thanksgiving Day. We’re usually gathered together at my grandmother’s house. This means lots of out-of-towners and lots of mouths to feed. With so much commotion, making dinner simple is a must. We like to set up a Thanksgiving extras biscuit sandwich bar using our leftovers. It’s an easy way to feed everyone during Thanksgiving weekend’s hustle and bustle.


To create the biscuit sandwich bar simply set out the turkey and any other Thanksgiving leftovers like Apple Fennel Stuffing, Parmesan and Garlic Butter Green Beans and Classic Cranberry Sauce. Round out the spread with some freshly baked Bisquick® Sour Cream and Chive Biscuits and a variety of sliced cheese and condiments.


For me the ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Extras Biscuit Sandwich, try stuffing + mayo + turkey + cranberry sauce. It’s a carb-stacked wonder and everything I love about Thanksgiving in just a few bites!


Not sure what to do with those leftover green beans? A biscuit piled high with green beans, cheddar cheese, turkey and spicy mustard will be a surprise hit. It’s delicious and reminiscent of a green bean casserole.


True, you could just put out the biscuits and leftover T-Day fixings, but may I suggest that you take your biscuit sandwich bar to the next level with some simple and decorative entertaining tricks? Use cute disposable plates and napkins, raft packaging paper as a table cover and chalkboard labels. The labels will let everyone know what fixings they’re digging into. Use decorative tape to personalize and identify drinking cups. This will ensure that there aren’t any cases of “mistaken-glass identity” throughout the day.


Pull the spread together by busting out some cake stands for platters. Finally, infuse a jug of water with mint and cranberry, it’s a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks.


Decorate your spread with a craft that pulls double duty as fun family activity and no-fuss table decor. This cute wood-veneer paper chain kit is a quick and personal way for guests to share what they are most thankful for. On Thanksgiving Day, simply have everyone write what he or she is thankful for on a wood veneer strip. Slowly link each strip together to form a Giving Thanks Chain that can be used the next day to decorate your biscuit sandwich bar.


With a bit of planning and a load of T-Day leftovers you can make the day after Thanksgiving a little bit special.