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No-Fuss Cooking

Created January 10, 2017
Forget the rules, ignore structure and make something delicious. With our five foolproof strategies it’s so easy you couldn’t mess up if you tried.
free form lasagna

Pile It High 

When in doubt, gather your favorite ingredients and start piling! Lasagna noodles, pasta sauce and ricotta cheese come together quickly for Free-Form Lasagna while rotisserie chicken stacked with corn and salsa makes Shredded Chicken and Corn Tostadas a weeknight wonder.

chicken kabobs

Stick It On a Skewer 

Easy and customizable, kabobs are one of those brilliant ideas that can be applied to everything from dinner to dessert. Case in point, our Chicken Kabobs and Brownie ‘N Fruit Kabobs. Both allow for creativity and spontaneity. Extra onions? Throw ‘em on! Don’t like pineapple? Skip it. The world is your kabob.

southwest layered chicken salad

Layer On The Flavor 

Minimum effort, maximum wow. That’s what we love about layered recipes in big glass bowls. Leftover chicken? Construct a Southwest Layered Chicken Salad. Brownies burnt around the edges? Toss the good parts in a Brownie and Yogurt Chocolate Trifle and no one will be the wiser. There’s almost no limit to what you can layer in a trifle dish, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

taco in a bag

Throw It All Together 

We never get tired of clever ideas like these Mason Jar Salad Shakers and Taco in a Bag. Both recipes are made right in the container, making cleanup a breeze. Just toss in the ingredients and give ‘em a good shake. And while we’re on the subject of throw-it-together-meals, don’t forget about grill packs­–the original fuss-free dinner idea.

rustic pear tart

Fold It Over 

When quick and easy is the name of the game (and when isn’t it), we suggest letting go of perfectly crimped crusts and embracing the fold-over technique. Our charming Rustic Pear and Blue Cheese Tart and Triple Berry and Rhubarb Galette are ready for the oven in as few as 20 minutes. But don’t stop there; there is a whole farmer’s market worth of produce begging to be folded into your next meal.