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Bank on Brinner and Try Breakfast for Dinner

By Cindy Rahe
Bank on Brinner
Breakfast for dinner is a fun and economical solution for switching up weeknight meals — you can bank on brinner!

Breakfast for dinner, or brinner, is a popular weeknight meal around my house. It’s almost always a quick, easy, affordable crowd pleaser. I mean, who doesn’t love to turn around the meal-time-tables and switch it up every once in a while?! My husband loves all breakfast foods, so he’s always pumped for brinner night. Here are three deliriously tasty breakfast-as-dinner recipes that I love to mix into my weekly meal plans.

Bisquick Impossibly Easy Triple Cheese Pie

This classic Bisquick Impossibly Easy Triple Cheese Pie is a savory and hearty egg bake. Instead of baking it in a pie plate, I like to bake mine in individual ramekins — giving each person at the table their own perfectly sized portion. In addition to the cheese and fried onion topping, I swapped out the bell pepper called for in the original recipe for mildly spicy poblano peppers…making this egg bake taste a bit more like the green chile casserole my grandmother makes — try it , it is so good!

Maple Bacon Pancakes

We all know bacon makes most things better and pancakes are no exception. For an indulgent spin on brinner try these Bacon Pancakes with Maple Peanut Butter Syrup…they are a definite win and totally dangerous in that I’m-gonna-eat-this-whole-stack-while-standing-over-the-sink kind of way. They are THAT good. The peanut butter-laced maple syrup is a nutty-sweet dream, and when paired with salty bacon it’s an addicting trifecta of goodness and flavor.

BLT Brinner Pizza

Finding myself inspired to serve more breakfast as dinner, I created a simply satisfying BLT Brinner Pizza recipe that brings together two breakfast standbys -- bacon and egg -- with homemade arugula pesto and bright grape tomatoes. This recipe is like breakfast, meets pizza, meets BLT. It’s a total brinner-winner. The eggs baked right on top makes this pizza perfect for a hearty meal for four or something lighter with a side salad for six to eight — I like to think it’s versatile and thoughtful in that way.

ingredients for BLT pizza

To begin, we mix up the dough and gather our ingredients: pesto, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and crust.

ingredients for pesto in food processer

To make the pesto, you just throw everything into a food processor…except the olive oil…buzz it up a bit to combine, then continue to process it while drizzling in the oil. Done and done.

preparing pizza crust

Then, we press out the dough and “dock” it. Docking is just poking it with a fork, all over, to ensure our crust stays flat and relatively un-puffed. Next up, we spread the pesto. It’s bright and green and lovely and made of good-for-you things.

ingredients on pizza crust

Then, we start round 1 of toppings! Tomatoes, bacon and CHEESE! And bake.

cracking an egg on top of pizza

Once the pizza is partially baked, we add the eggs. Crack them into a bowl, one at a time, slide onto the pizza and repeat.

BLT Brinner Pizza

Bake a few more minutes until the eggs are set and serve!