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Kitchen Gadget Round-Up

Prime deals call for new, prime tools! Nothing is more fun than opening and testing out gadgets you've had your eye on. From whipping up new recipes to experimenting with your appliance, your new tools can make recipes easier, or even more wildly delicious. Count on us to help you make the most of your new kitchen gadgets with tips, tricks, information and recipes.

The Best Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow-Cooker Cheesy Ham au Gratin

As the name implies, slow-cooking food means to use low-heat for an extended amount of time to create food that's incredibly tender and infused with flavor. If that wasn't enough to get you excited, this kitchen gadget often means you can rely on recipes that take a few minutes of prep before you "set it and forget it," coming home to a meal that's ready to enjoy. Most appliances have a low, high, and warm setting and our recipes will always tell you which to use and for how long. You'll also find many recipes that start with browning the meat in a skillet to develop flavor—we cover that for you with our Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup & Beef Brisket. This gadget has so many uses, get ready to love each and every one!

Dutch Oven Recipes

German Kielbasa and Cabbage; Sesame Chicken and Noodles

If you received one of these kitchen essentials you'll be excited to know that almost any cooking job can be done in a Dutch oven. Similar to slow-cookers think low and slow when it comes to this appliance. However, they can chill in your freezer or take the high heat inside your oven. From soups and stews to roasting, frying, and braising, this is one pot that can do it all.

Pressure Cooker Recipes

Sauteing peppers in a pressure cooker, bowls of cheese, ham, broccoli and rice

The basic idea here is steam. This kitchen gadget is all about putting mealtime in the fast lane as the sealed pot builds up steam on high pressure, which helps food cook faster. It can also promote caramelization and browning, so you may find that your pressure cooker meals have deep and complex flavors. Best of all, pressure cookers are very safe and easy to use, let's get started!

Waffle Maker Recipes

Waffles on a waffle maker

Box or homemade, a waffle maker turns your batter into a beautiful waffle. Make sure to heat, then grease it before pouring the batter to ensure the end result comes out cleanly and doesn't stick to the inside. Soon you'll be making breakfasts, desserts and even sandwiches in no time. Get creative, and check out some of our favorite recipes below.

Air Fryer Recipe