Silly Starfish

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Silly Starfish
  • Prep 0 min
  • Total 20 min
  • Servings 1

Decorate your table with this beautiful starfish made using Cheerios® cereal - ready in just 20 minutes. MORE+ LESS-

Updated October 1, 2010


Colorful paper plate
Cheerios™ cereal


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  • 1
    Draw a starfish shape on the paper plate. Cut out the shape.
  • 2
    Fold each leg in half, starting at the tip and moving toward the center.
  • 3
    Make a crease between each leg, folding in the opposite direction, to the center to create a 3-D starfish.
  • 4
    Spread glue all over the starfish and cover with the cereal. Let stand until dry.

Expert Tips

  • Some starfish can split their bodies in half and grow new legs to make two new starfish.

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