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The Surprise Lunch We’re Packing for Our Kids in December

Created January 12, 2017
A lot can get lost during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but this sweet and super-simple lunchbox brings the magic of the season back into focus.


Packing a special holiday lunch doesn’t have to be a stress-inducer. In fact, it’s a great excuse to package up some seasonal favorites and spread some serious cheer. We started with super-easy and festive Christmas Tree Roll-Ups (a great excuse to test out a new app recipe before your holiday party); Yoplait’s new Go Big strawberry yogurt; a clementine; classic Chex Mix (if you’re like us, you’ll probably be making a batch of this every week in December!); and finish it off with a couple of Christmas cookies (these are our dreamy Snickers Chocolate Cookie Cups).