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Irish Cheese Plate

Created January 10, 2017
One look at this Irish Cheese Plate and your guests will want to kiss you!


If I have guests coming over I love to set out an appetizer tray that typically consists of cheese and bread (or crackers) with fruit and olives thrown in for good measure. It serves two purposes. It lets my guests have something to nosh on immediately and allows me time to finish any last minute preparations. I’m a firm believer in easy entertaining.

This cheese plate is all about the Irish! It has a nice selection of soft and hard cheeses. I love to just set it out with a knife and let the guests nibble and nosh as they like. Set a small stack of canapé plates or napkins nearby for easy access along with any additions: fruit, crackers/bread, olives.

Our plate includes a selection of the following cheeses:  

Cashel Blue: Cashel Blue is a semi-soft, creamy farmhouse cheese from Ireland. It has full flavor and a delightful light blue tang and of course has characteristic blue veining. 

Dubliner: Dubliner is a bold, aged cow's milk cheese with a bit of a hard texture similar to Cheddar. It’s nutty, sharp and sweet. 

Aged Cheddar w/Irish Whiskey: Cheddar is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese that is aged for one year. This very includes Irish Whiskey.

Soda Bread: is a type of quick bread that’s made with baking soda instead of yeast.