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Chex Party Mix-Change

Created January 10, 2017
Mix it up this gift-swapping season with a Chex Party Mix-Change featuring 15-minute recipes.


Two Weeks Before

  • Set the time and date. Don’t limit yourself to evening parties. Lunch hours or after-work happy hours are great times to exchange with co- workers. 
  • Establish a guest list. Chex Party Mix-Change can be scaled up or down depending on the number of participants and how much everyone would like to take home. 
  • For small groups, ask each guest to bring a one-gallon bag per person. For larger parties where more mixes will be exchanged, consider quart-size bags or smaller. 
  • Let guests know they don't need to package their mixes—that's part of the fun to come at the party! 
  • Choose from our three custom invites, print and mail. 

One Week Before 

The Day Before

  • Set up a table with pens, cards and supplies for guests to package and label their mixes.
  • Prep appetizers and cut vegetables. Make ice for beverages.
  • Make the Super Easy Peppermint Chocolate Fudge and your Chex Party Mix.

Day of the Party

  • Clear space and establish areas for crafting, swapping and snacking.
  • Finish preparing appetizers.
  • Set cheese out one hour before guests arrive.
  • Rim martini glasses for Peppermint Barktinis.

At the Party

  • Let guests dig in and package up their treats in creative containers, bags and decorations.
  • Don't forget the tunes. Pandora and Spotify are great tools for party hits.
  • Gather everyone's email addresses for distributing the recipes following the party.

Packaging Ideas

Packaging your favorite Chex® Party Mixes in cellophane bags is simple, cute and endlessly customizable. Clothespins, stickers, rickrack, twine, ribbon or decorative tape can be used to secure the bags.

Chex Party Mix Exchange

Flip a party hat upside down, line it with cellophane and it instantly becomes a festive cone-shaped container. Party hats can be purchased or they can be made using colorful sheets of construction paper, holiday gift wrap or paper placemats.

Chex Party Mix Exchange

Arrange cupcake liners filled with Chex® Party Mixes neatly in a box. Try using a box with a window to give a peek at the goodies inside. Decorate the outside of the box with printed paper and ribbon for extra flair.

Chex Party Mix Exchange

Packaging Chex® Party Mix  in a takeout container is quick and easy to “carry out.” Just fill them up and they’re ready to go!

Chex Party Mix Exchange

Tin is in when it comes to creating a hip holiday container for Chex® Party Mix. Discover oodles of holiday tins at craft stores, dollar stores and consignment shops. Line tins and use bows or ribbon to finish them off.

Chex Party Mix Exchange