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Dazzle Kids with Candy Cane-shaped Pancakes

By Cassie Rangel
Created January 10, 2017
Be the star of holiday mornings and surprise kids with these playful candy cane-shaped pancakes. Your kids will love them!
Candy Cane Pancake Art

I love surprising my son with playful breakfast pancakes during the holidays. They make the morning a bit more fun and he gets such a kick out of the Christmas-themed shapes. I think your kids will love these too and that’s why I am sharing my Candy Cane Pancake Art how-to. 

Start by mixing your pancake batter in a bowl with this classic Bisquick® Pancake recipe. Pour half of the batter into a clear plastic condiment bottle and set aside. These bottles are available in most grocery stores. I modify it by cutting a quarter inch off the tip to allow for an easier flow.

slicing apple

Next you’ll cut the stripes. Using a sharp knife, cut off four outer edges of a Delicious Red apple. Cut each slice into three curved sections. Place the outer two sections in a bowl and set aside the middle sections to create your stripes.

batter outline of candy cane on griddle

Using your squirt bottle, draw the outline of the candy cane on a griddle. Let the outline sit for approximately 30 seconds before filling in the remaining recesses with batter. Once bubbles begin to pop in the batter, flip using a large pancake spatula.

candy cane pancake with apple slices

Remove your pancake from the griddle and place it on a cutting board or an extra plate. Place your apple stripes on the pancake at a diagonal. Gently cut away the excess apple pieces until the edges are flush with the pancake. Set aside the stripes.

candy cane pancakes covered with powdered sugar

Lightly sprinkle powdered sugar* over the entire surface of your pancake. Gently remove the pancake and place on a serving plate. Add the apple stripes back to their proper places on the pancake (the powdered sugar shouldn’t stick to the surface where the apples were, so this will serve as your guide for placement). *For a healthier alternative, omit the powdered sugar. 

Cut up the remaining pieces of apple and serve as a side. Enjoy!