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Camp Betty: Music Week

By Meghan McAndrews
Created January 10, 2017
Activities, craft ideas and field trips that’ll make any music lovers’ heart sing.
Child cheering at concert

Set the tone (no pun intended) for a week of music by taking in an outdoor concert. Check your local paper or arts weekly for kid-friendly happenings: park band shells, block parties, parades, festivals, art fairs, farmers markets and county fairs all typically offer (free) musical components. If appropriate, pack a cooler with some tasty nibbles (any of these summer salads would be lovely), sprawl out on a blanket and soak in the sounds (dancing, wiggling and toe-tapping encouraged).

Items to make musical instrument from cereal box

In the mood to get musical at home? DIY-ing sweet sound-making gear from materials in your kitchen is easy! If you’ve got a cereal box and poster tube, you’re halfway to making a guitar (just one of the many fun ideas we love from Hello, Cereal Lovers). And rubber bands, balloons, rice and empty Muir Glen tomato cans are all that’s required for these cute bongo-cans, first spotted on Mini Eco. (For even more inspiration, check out this great round-up of fun ideas from Chalk in my Pocket.)

group of little girls smiling

Let your kiddos discover the joy of making music together by rounding up some “band mates” for a rainy-day jam. Gather some instruments, a few (hairbrush) microphones, set up some small chairs (or gather around a piano or keyboard if you have one!) and you’re ready to rock ‘n roll. Encouraging the “band” to swap instruments and take turns singing each other’s favorite songs!

Child playing recorder with older woman

Check with your local senior citizen center or home to see how your family can share your newly kindled love of music with the elderly. Most organizations welcome guest performers or have standing events they could use volunteer help with. Call around for ideas or visit Elder Helpers for a list of applicable opportunities near you.

Electric Guitar Cake

For a fitting finale to music week, bake up this Electric Guitar Cake, an easier-than-it-looks task thanks to our handy template. (If you prefer to go the acoustic route, Betty’s got you covered with this five-star recipe.) Guitars not your family’s thing? Check out this Piano Cake, made with Betty Crocker cake mix, featuring chocolate-bar keys!