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13 Mug Cakes That Hit the (Sweet) Spot

Updated February 19, 2019
Mug cakes really do hit the sweet spot: They’re just the right size and require just the right amount of effort (which is almost none!) when you want a treat on the quick. Making a whole cake is best saved for special occasions when you need to impress—and you can be sure there’ll be plenty of people on hand to help you eat it. For true cake lovers, though, those occasions might be too few and far between to be satisfying. So when the craving strikes for a fluffy, warm and indulgent treat, turn to a mug, your microwave and these foolproof recipes!
Making mug cakes is easy enough—even for those who swear up and down that they aren’t the baking kind. Some are made from scratch, while others start with shortcut mixes that make the process even easier. Depending on the recipe, you’ll find mug cakes that serve just one, while others make a full batch of single-serve treats that make fun servings for a bigger group. Another genius aspect of mug cakes, muffins and pies is that you don’t need to heat up the whole oven—all you need is your microwave. Simply mix your ingredients right in the mug and pop it in for a few minutes to bake. It’s the quickest way to satisfy your sweet tooth with the comfort of cake.