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Fresh Ways to Take Your Green Beans from Buttery to Creamy & Beyond

Created August 23, 2018
Looking to add some brightness to your menu? You’re in the right place. Green beans are bright and flavorful making them the perfect side dish to pair with your meats and potatoes. But when combined with ingredients like cream, ginger or garlic, they turn into something truly sensational. There’s a reason why there are never any leftovers when green bean casserole is on the table! Discover how truly versatile these veggies are by cooking up a few of Betty’s best green bean recipes.

Now that you’ve discovered this treasure trove of green bean recipes, dig into our tips for buying, cooking and storing green beans.

  • Green beans are available fresh, frozen or canned. For best results, always use the type of green beans called for in your recipe.
  • When shopping for fresh green bean, select beans that are bright in color. Check for firmness by breaking a bean in half. A truly fresh bean will make a nice snapping sound.
  • Unwashed, fresh beans will keep for up to seven days when sealed in an air-tight container or bag and stored in your crisper. You can also freeze fresh green beans. Simply, rinse, drain, and cut off the ends of your beans. Then, let them dry and place into a plastic freezer bag. Processed and stored this way, beans should stay fresh for several months.
  • A common way to cook green beans is to cover them with water and boil for 5 minutes. When the beans are done, drain the water and toss with a little salt and butter.

Green beans are just one of the many delicious varieties of beans. Find new favorite ways to use up your black, kidney and more types of beans among Betty’s bean and legume recipes.