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A+ Recipes for Apple Season

Updated July 23, 2019
When apple season is in full swing, there’s nothing better than a fresh baked dessert to warm your house, perfume the air, and of course, fill bellies. So, whether you’re looking for a weeknight sweet treat – Easy Caramel Apple Tart, anyone? – a tried-and-true classic – Apple Crisp? Fresh Apple Pie? Check and check! – or something new and different – Apple Cider Doughnut Cake…. just sayin’ – this list of Betty’s best apple desserts is the place to start! And make sure every recipe turns out perfectly – every time – by reading up on our apple baking tips below.

Make the most of fall’s favorite fruit with these handy tips from the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens.

When picking apples at the store, choose firm, smooth-skinned apples without bruises, blemishes or musty smell. One nice thing about apples is that they store well – up to one month in the refrigerator. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between eating, baking and cooking apples.

Baking apples are those that keep their shape when baked. Common varieties ideal for pies, crisps and other treats, include: Braeburn, Cortland and Granny Smith. Softer apples can work in cakes and sauces, but make sure to look for the sweetest apples possible, like Crispin/Mutsu and Fuji. To learn more about how to best use your apples, check out our handy chart of common varieties of apples and their uses.

For quick measuring, here are two handy conversions: 1 medium apple amounts to approximately 1 cup of sliced apples and 3 medium apples amount to approximately 1 pound of apples.

Want to turn your apples into pie? Learn all the ins and outs of pie making, from how to season your filling to perfection to how to roll out a crust. All these details and more await you in Betty’s tutorial on how to make apple pie. And if you’re going all out with a scratch-made pie, why not mix up your own apple pie spice too?

Keep reading for more tips on baking with apples and test out your skills with one of Betty’s apple recipes — there are hundreds for you to try!