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Retro Recipe: Party Waffles Royal

Created January 10, 2017
Delight your brunch guests with an old-school take on chicken and waffles, a treasured recipe from Betty's 1964 "The Bisquick Cookbook."

Most recipes for chicken and waffles call for firing up the deep-fryer, but this forgotten classic from the 1964 edition of The Bisquick Cookbook boasts a decidedly more elegant approach. The star of this recipe is the creamed chicken, a comforting scratch sauce made from butter, Bisquick, milk, seasonings and cut-up cooked chicken.


Drizzle the chicken-studded sauce on top of fresh, tender waffles or layer it in between sandwich-style—either way, your family will swoon at first sniff. A dollop of warm cranberry sauce on the side injects a bit of tart sweetness to the meal, and makes the flavor combination akin to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner spread. Seeking a little more flavor? Try Curry Waffles Royal! Simply add ¼ to ½ teaspoon of curry powder to the finished creamed chicken, and ½ teaspoon curry powder to the waffle batter. Cooked turkey can also stand in for chicken if you’re facing a fridge full of leftovers.