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Taste Test: Progresso Light Chicken and Cheese Enchilada

By Meghan McAndrews
Created January 10, 2017
Can a light soup conquer our editor’s craving for ooey, gooey enchiladas?
Progresso Light Chicken And Cheese Enchilada in bowl

If it wasn’t for my stubborn desire to fit into my favorite vintage dresses for many years to come, I would pig out on Mexican food every night of my life. From nachos to tacos to burritos as big as my head, I can’t get enough of the spicy flavors and cheesy goodness of Mexican cuisine. But in the interest of my waistline (and my life’s busy timeline), I just can’t give in to my cravings for homemade Mexican as often as I’d like. Until Progresso unveiled their new Light Chicken and Cheese Enchilada soup*, that is. Though the soup is flecked with bell pepper pieces, tomatoes and big chunks of chicken, my favorite part was the creamy broth, which served as a queso-like dip for the corn chips I had on the side. And since I like my Mexican on the spicy side, I punched up my bowl with some juicy slices of jalapeños I’d pickled and a generous dousing with my go-to hot sauce. While it was a far cry from the ooey, gooey goodness of oven-baked enchiladas, it was quick and comforting but didn’t leave me feeling weighed down. And my craving for south-of-the-border flavors? Conquered! (‘Til tomorrow.)

*See for nutritional information and sodium content.