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Taste Test: New Yoplait Seasonal Flavors

Created January 10, 2017
Celebrate spring with Yoplait’s two new limited edition flavors.
Taste Test: New Yoplait Seasonal Flavors

Living in the Midwest, I’ll take any excuse to usher in spring a little early. By the time Valentine’s Day is over, I’m about ready to shove all my winter gear in the back of the closet and herald in that warm, hopeful season that seems to take so long to arrive. Luckily, my spring fever has coincided with the release of Yoplait’s new limited-edition flavors, both inspired by two classic warm-weather beverages: Margarita and Peach Sweet Tea. I was a bit skeptical about the Margarita flavor—after all, could anything really beat the real thing?—but a few spoonfuls revealed a sweet- tart lime flavor that was pretty similar, minus the salted rim. Plus, it’s one of Yoplait’s light yogurts, meaning it won’t weigh you down like the actual drink itself. (Not to mention this is one Margarita that’s perfectly acceptable to have with breakfast.) The Peach Sweet Tea might have been my favorite, though. For one, I’m simply convinced that nothing beats sweet tea as a drink of choice. What’s more, Yoplait’s take on the drink was well-balanced and mild but still pleasantly peachy—perfect for those who need a little dose of springtime to get them through the end of winter.