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Graduation Dessert Party

Created January 10, 2017
Planning a high-school graduation party can be daunting—even for the pros. Just ask our Food Styling Manger Cindy, who had an extra challenge—her daughter's party was held on a weeknight. Read her doable, practical tips that can be applied to your own graduation bash.
graduation cupcake

Easy but Artful!

  • Orange-and-black school colors posed a decorating dilemma. To keep away from a Halloween look, Cindy used white as the main color, accented with orange and black for invitations, centerpieces, food label cards, paper goods, cupcakes, even flowers.
  • Here's another way to use cupcakes as a centerpiece!
  • Search 'sprinkles' to find more recipes to adapt to school colors.
  • To give the serving table a multi-dimensional look, Cindy placed boxes of varying size on the table, covered them with linens and places plates and platters on top.

More Artful Tips

  • Cover rented tables with plastic tablecloths, then wrap with length of tulle and tie with bow to keep ends in place.
  • Set the table 1-2 days ahead. Put out paper goods, serving platters, food label cards and, serving and eating utensils.
  • Set up self-service coffee and beverage tables. If you are outdoors, fill coolers with beverages and label what's on each one.
  • Make colorful food label cards for each food. Cindy used half a lime as the food label holder for the plate of Key Lime Bars.
  • Strawberries, raspberries, thin slices of lemon or lime and lemon leaves all make super-easy garnishes for just about any platter.
  • For a dash of elegance, dust desserts with powdered sugar or cocoa.

Helpful Charts