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Award-Party Appetizers

Created January 10, 2017
20 feature-worthy small bites perfect for a crowd of any size.

Best Supporting Roll

With the likes of our fresh crab rolls in the running, main dishes have no chance of outshining simple, stackable, wrappable apps to win big. 

Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls
Pizza Roll Dips
Homemade Pan Rolls with Ridiculously Easy Compound Herb Butter
Refried Bean Roll-Ups


Best Visual Effects

You don’t need green screens or computer graphics to win the category of best presentation. Our cheese stuffed meatball skewers are the most delicious kind of 3D around. 

Fig and Blue Cheese Appetizer Tarts
50 New Chex Mixes
Cranberry Chicken Fillo Cups
Brown Ale Caramel Corn


Best Feature Food

This is the big one—what everyone came to see—so think classic with a twist like these slow cooker party tacos and you’re sure to win over even the toughest food critics. 

Beer Battered Chicken with Amber Aioli
Twice Baked Potato Pizza
Grilled Taco Nachos
Pulled Chicken Sandwiches