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Thanksgiving Day Activities

Created November 17, 2020
Construction Paper Turkey
Thanksgiving might look a little different this year but that just means there are so many new traditions to make. Explore different activities you and your family can keep busy with as you stay connected, brush up on your turkey techniques, and get creative. Betty Crocker is grateful for all our makers this season, and we hope you have a safe and happy holiday! When you're wielding the cookbook we're sure it will also be a delicious one.

The Good Kind of Screen Time

There are so many ways to stay connected this season. You've likely become a wiz at managing work, school, or get-togethers via the screen. Make sure to do this on Thanksgiving too. If you have a loved one who always makes the best gravy or pie have them talk you through the recipe as you make your own. Making the extra effort isn't hard, especially when you don't need to add a holiday commute to the to-do list!

Dress Rehearsal

Was this going to be your first year taking on the majority of the Thanksgiving cooking? Take advantage of a smaller guest list by spending more time having fun with the side dishes and talking with family. You could even choose to mix it up with Cornish game hen or duck instead of a whole turkey. Check out our list of Thanksgiving Essentials to master the classic recipes with less pressure.

Be Thankful for What You Can Give

We're all in this new holiday season together. Make sure you're (safely) checking on your neighbors and community. If you normally would participate at a food pantry or event, consider giving in other ways. On Turkey Day, consider saying what you're thankful for from A to Z. The first person must say something they are grateful for that begins with the letter A, the next gets B, and so on.

Turkey Desserts & Crafts

While the turkey is cooking use the extra time to involve your little helpers in the kitchen. Make Thanksgiving-themed crafts with construction paper, glue and scissors. If you want to make something a little more edible try our recipe for Turkey Cookie Treats.

Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

If you're spending more time having fun with your family instead of traveling or cooking this year check out some Thanksgiving-themed movies available on streaming services. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a great one to start with!