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7 Reasons You Really Should Bake a Test Batch of Cookies

Updated October 31, 2019
If there’s one thing the holiday season lacks, it’s extra time. So why not bake a test batch of cookies now? With a batch (or two) under your belt, you’ll know exactly what to expect long before Santa Claus comes to town!

There are so many factors that go into baking a perfect cookie. Are your ingredients fresh? Does your oven work? Is your recipe kitchen tested? You can check all of the above, pick up a few cookie baking pointers, and of course, make everybody’s day—here are 7 reasons you really should bake a test batch of cookies today!

1.  Get the Texture Just Right … Cakey, Crispy, Chewy or Totally Over the Top

Baking the perfect cookie is a feat, because at the end of the day everyone’s preference is just a little bit different. The only way you’ll ever know what texture suits you is to try a couple of different ones. Our test kitchens have been busy tweaking Betty’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies. So, whether you like your chocolate chippers cakey, crispy or chewy, our kitchen experts have figured out the instructions you need to make them so—get the inside scoop in How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies.

2.   Right Size Your Cookies … How Many Will You Really Need for the Exchange?

It may be early (or is it?), but the cookie exchange is coming! If you’re planning on hosting or attending one this year, it’s always a good idea to test out the recipe you want to make ahead of time. Try one our favorite big-batch cookie recipes like our Chocolate Crinkles.Yielding 72 cookies, this exchange-worthy recipe is definitely one you’ll want sample beforehand!

3.  Is it Hot in Here? Make Sure Your Oven Temp Is Accurate

Part of baking perfect cookies is using the right temperature. So before baking season officially begins, you’ll want to test out your new oven thermometer—or if you haven’t bought one yet, head to the store! At the end of the day, having an oven you can count on will be key to baking up perfect cookies—whether perfect to you means crispy, chewy or soft and cakey.

4.  Check that Your Cookie Baking Ingredients Are Still Fresh

Have you ever whipped up a batch of cookies only to have them fall flat? The Betty Crocker Test Kitchens are here to help ensure that never happens again. The best way: Bake a test batch today. If everything goes smoothly, you can rest easy knowing all your ingredients are ready for cookie baking season. If not, we’ve answered all your questions about cookie baking ingredients—from which ingredients are really necessary to when high-quality vanilla really makes a difference and more. If there’s ever a time to restock your cookie baking pantry it’s at the start of this season, because fresh baking soda really is the difference between a cookie that rises and one that falls flat!

5.  If You’re Trying a New Recipe, Make Sure You Actually Like It

Stumbled upon a new recipe that tickled your fancy? We love that! But, make sure you love that, too. If you run into questions as your bake, check out our article about cookie baking technique. It will help you understand the whys that are often missing from recipes—like why you actually should soften butter before baking and more. And if you end up with extra cookies, why not ask your colleagues and friends to be your guinea pigs? After all, who doesn’t love a home-baked cookie?

6.  Freeze a Batch for Later

Whipping up a batch of dough to freeze and save for later could very well be the sanity-saving hack you need this holiday season. Plus, dough keeps for up 2 months in the freezer—perfect timing for Christmas! Get our tips on how to properly store and freeze your cookies so you can get working on those test batches. Learn how to Freeze Cookies and Dough.


7.  To Eat Cookies Now, Of Course!

As if you ever really needed any other reason. Try out one of The Cookies We Always Make From Scratch, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

variety of scratch cookies

At the end of the day, no matter the reasoning behind baking a test batch—we don’t think you even need a reason—cookies are cookies, and we think that’s reason enough. Craving more cookie inspiration? Check out all our Christmas Cookies in one place.