Kids Spooky Halloween Party

Created January 10, 2017
They're creepy and they're scary, they're goofy and they're hairy—Halloween turns kids of all ages into their favorite spooky characters. Here's a menu to satisfy the best little beggars and beasts, with some party tips to challenge all those tricksters. MORE+ LESS-
kids spooky halloween party

Setting the Serving Scene

Coming up with clever serving presentations for this party is easy—let your own creativity add to these ideas:

  • Consider serving Ghoulish Goulash or other main dish in a hollowed-out pumpkin or even a scary skull trick-or-treat pail.
  • Make milk served with the main course an 'alien brew.' Just add green (or other color) food color to the milk.
Boo Who?

Here's a fun game that is based upon the standard charades: Write out clues for Halloween characters (a jack-o'-lantern, bat, mummy, spider, ghost, etc.) on small pieces of paper. Divide kids into two teams, and let the Halloween charades begin. You can also put each clue inside a balloon, then blow them up when it's time for the game. Each team player pops a balloon to get the clue.

Pin the Wart on the Witch's Nose

Even older kids will get a kick out this takeoff of the donkey version. Hang a picture of a witch (you can draw the witch or find a poster at a party-supply store) on a wall at kid level. For the warts, use rubber cement to create gumball-size wads. If you need to add a little more "sticky" to the wart, just dab with a glue stick right before the game. The same rules apply: Blindfolded, the kids take turns trying to stick a wart on the witch's nose. Use small labels to designate each player's placement of the wart.