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How to Make an Easter Bunny Pancake

By Cassie Rangel
Flip up some fun for Easter Sunday with this easy Easter Bunny Pancake How-To.

In our household, we believe if you leave an empty basket and a plate of carrots on your front porch the night before Easter, you may wake in the morning to find a trail of eggs leading you to a basket full of goodies hidden somewhere in the yard. And who fills this basket, you ask? Well, it could be any number of rabbits that become magically transformed into Easter bunnies at the strike of midnight the night before.

This is just one of the many holiday traditions we created when starting our family. Another one is serving Easter Bunny Pancakes for the Easter holiday. The pancakes are simple to make and fun to serve sleepy kids in the morning. I totally recommend flipping up some fun this Easter Sunday.


To get started, you’ll prep your decorative details first. That way you can quickly add them to the pancake, still managing to serve a hot breakfast.

To make the decorative details of your Easter Bunny Pancake, you’ll need the following ingredients: one banana, one strawberry, two blueberries, one apple, two dollops of yogurt and a slice of cheese. Note: the apple, cheese and strawberry can be used in more than one pancake.


Begin by slicing your cheese into six thin strips; these will be the bunny whiskers. Slice your strawberry as pictured and set aside for the nose. Cut a rectangular slice from your apple and cut an additional triangle to create bunny teeth.


Finally, make your bunny ears by cutting the curved tip off the banana and slicing the remaining banana lengthwise. Set all prepped decorative details aside.


Now it’s time to make the pancakes. Using this classic Bisquick® pancake recipe, pour one medium- sized pancake (approx. 5 inches round) and two tiny pancakes (approx. 1.5 inches round) onto a preheated griddle or pan. Let them cook until bubbles form on the surface, then flip and cook until light brown.


Arrange these pancakes on your plate as pictured.


Next, add the cheese whiskers, apple teeth and strawberry nose.


Using yogurt, spoon out two dollops for eyes and place your blueberries in the center.


Finally, add your banana halves for the ears. Your Easter Bunny Pancake is complete and so begins a new tradition for your family to enjoy!