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Holiday Food and Wine Pairings

Created December 10, 2020
Table setting with wine, steaks, bread basket, salt shaker
Just because Christmas looks a bit smaller this year doesn't mean it can't be all the more special. Pull out all the stops and all the corks from a variety of tantalizing wines that will pair beautifully with your already delicious holiday dishes. From the balanced, dry-yet-fruity body of a pinot noir that will give depth to your ham, to the light and uplifting profile of a prosecco that will make your apple pie all the more vibrant - there's a reason to pack this Christmas full of flavor at every bite or sip. Use our easy wine pairing guide to give your guests a full-flavor experience.

HAM - Lambrusco | Pinot Noir | Tempranillo

Ham is a must-have this Christmas, and this year we're making it even more spectacular. Pair this holiday favorite with the deep-red, balanced flavor of a pinot noir, or the dry, floral profile of lambrusco! The full-bodied tempranillo is also a perfect match for your perfectly-cooked ham.

MASHED POTATOES - Cabernet | Chardonnay

Everyone loves mashed potatoes, and now there's a pairing that makes them even more desirable on your Christmas dinner table. Pair this holiday classic with a cabernet or chardonnay, the best of both wine worlds. The cabernet is a fruity dark red that adds decadence to your potatoes, where the crisp, fruity chardonnay uplifts them to delicious.

PRIME RIB - Tempranillo | Cabernet | Shiraz

Prime rib pairs perfectly with dark-red wines like cabernets, shiraz or tempranillo that push its deep-flavor profile to even more depths of delicious. The bold and full-bodied, fruit-first profile in all of these wines are a match made in foodie heaven when you pair them with the slow-cooked richness of your prime rib.

CRANBERRY SAUCE - Pinot Noir | Sangiovese

Cranberry sauce goes with almost anything on the Christmas dinner table, but nothing brings out its fruity flavor more than a full-bodied pinot noir or a light-to-medium bodied sangiovese. The acidic notes in these wines liven up the cranberry sauce to punch bold flavors in every bite.


Sweet potatoes have just met their perfect dinner guest; the all-time favorite chardonnay! Its round and juicy notes really take these root vegetables to new levels of amazing, giving richness in every bite. If you want a vegetable that steals the show this Christmas, pair your sweet potatoes with this dry, medium-bodied wine.

ROASTED CARROTS - Marsanne | Roussanne | Viognier

Roasted carrots have that comforting holiday taste that make them a favorite side for the holidays. You can take them even further, and add more cozy spice to their flavor, by pairing them with white wines that have a holiday feel of their own. Viognier, marsanne and roussanne wines all have a nutty, clove-inspired body that'll make your carrots taste like the holidays.

APPLE PIE - Moscato | Port | Prosecco

Save the best for last with your apple pie, paired with sweet, crispy and uplifting wines like moscato, port or prosecco. They give that acidic balance to the bite, balancing it out in all the right ways. Finish your Christmas dinner strong with a wine pairing fit for dessert.