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His and Her Valentine’s Day Cosmopolitans

By Becky Rosenthal
Created January 10, 2017
Betty blogger Becky Rosenthal toasts Valentine’s Day with a pair of cocktails you’ll both enjoy.

Not to stereotype, but the traditional Cosmopolitan cocktail is most often considered a drink for ladies. But today I’m here to share two spins on this classic, making it appealing to both genders. One of these tasty cocktails features the traditional Cosmo ingredients with the exception of substituting cherry juice for cranberry. Candidly, the “his” version of this cocktail is more of a Campari cocktail than a Cosmo, but the rich hue remains, making it an ideal cocktail to kick off your Valentine’s Day celebration, whether you’re having an intimate dinner for two or a big party with friends. 

The “feminine” version our creation makes use of cherry juice instead of cranberry, while still reserving traditional Cosmopolitan ingredients. We served this dark red drink in a short round glass, but feel free to use whatever glass you have that looks most ladylike. 

Our more “masculine” Cosmo creation takes out the juice from the drink and instead includes the tasty Italian liquor, Campari. The result is a bold drink that is definitely not as fruity or sweet as a traditional Cosmo. Although the drink looks lighter in color, the boozy flavors make it the more masculine of the two. We presented this cocktail up in a champagne flute, but again, feel free to use any glass you feel is most comfortable for guys to handle. 

These two drinks will go well as pre-dinner cocktails, getting the evening started off on a fun note. And after a few sips, you’ll both agree that these drinks should be enjoyed beyond the holiday we created them for. Cheers!