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A Pancake Your Little Pilgrims Will Enjoy

By Cassie Rangel
There’s no better way to show your gratitude than by preparing this breakfast feast for your loved ones.
A Pancake Your Little Pilgrims Will Enjoy

The pilgrim was made using this classic Bisquick® Pancake recipe. A fork was dragged through a thin layer of chocolate hazelnut spread to create a linear pattern on the pancake hat. The hatband is provolone cheese and the buckle is cut from a Golden Delicious apple. Alternating layers of provolone and cheddar cheese comprise the hair, and the eyes are little stacks of provolone cheese, sliced green grapes and raisins. Facial features were added using chocolate hazelnut spread. Want to make your own Pilgrim Pancake? Be inspired by mine or get creative and invent your own – we’d love for you to share your creation on our Facebook page!