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Tortilla Redux

Created January 10, 2017
barbecued chicken tortilla pizzas
Any way you slice it, fold it or dip it, these 15 recipes give flour tortillas new life.

What's In This Article


We’ve all been there: You buy a pack of Old El Paso tortillas for tacos or burritos, and while your family puts a dent in them at dinnertime, you still don’t finish the entire package. Before you think of tossing ‘em in the trash, check out our favorite ideas for easy snacks and suppers, all made with tortillas!


barbecued chicken tortilla pizzas

Easy to scale up or down, tortilla pizzas are as versatile a food idea as they come. Ideal for after-school snacking, game-day gatherings or even, in the case of our Tortilla Fruit Pizza, dessert, these easy, crispy slices are guaranteed to please.


beef and roasted tomato mini tortilla chips

Fun to eat and easy to freeze, dinnertime favorites made in muffin tins are simply irresistible. When it comes to fillings, play around with what you have on hand. From salads and eggs to taco fixin’s, everything tastes better in a homemade tortilla cup.


gingered fruit salsa with crispy cinnamon chips

Whether you have two tortillas left or 10, making homemade chips with them is a fun activity that yields delicious results. Whether you go with cinnamon-sugar or a dusting of spicy chili powder, there’s no wrong way to season these scoop-able snacks.

Do you have a savvy way to use up leftover tortillas? If so, we’d love to hear your ideas!