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Meals in Minutes

Created January 10, 2017
Five easy meals you can have on the table in under an hour thanks to fast-cooking side dishes and smart desserts.


The Menu

Grilled Chili-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin:  30 minutes 

Buttery Rice & Vegetable Steamers:  About 6 minutes 

Frosting-Stuffed Strawberries:  15 minutes 

The Plan: Fire up the grill, season the pork and cook. While that's happening, turn your attention to the strawberry dessert. Frost, sprinkle and pop in the fridge until it's time for dessert. Check back in on the pork. When it's done, tent with foil to rest. Finally, cook the veggies in the microwave while setting the table. Boom: Dinner is served.

Time Saver: Skip the strawberry prep. Place the ingredients on the table and let everyone make their own.


The Menu

Balsamic-Glazed Grilled Chicken Breasts:  35 minutes 

Mediterranean Blend Seasoned Steamers:  About 8 minutes 

Raspberry Yogurt Celebration Dessert:  15 minutes 

The Plan: First things first, start with the dessert. Whip it up and chill in the fridge, but skip the garnish until it's time to eat. Next step: the chicken. Season and begin grilling. Half way through, pop the veggies in the microwave. For the grand finale, finish the chicken, plate with veggies and break out dessert. Bon appétit!

Time Saver: Recruit a helper to make the vegetables while you tend to the chicken.


The Menu

Barbecued Beef and Bow-Tie Dinner:  30 minutes 

Whole Grean Bean Steamers:  About 7 minutes 

Chocolate Cake And Cream Shots:  15 minutes 

The Plan: Sometimes dessert comes first. This is one of those times! Start by making the cake shots. Next, turn your attention to the pasta. Just before step 3 of the bow-tie dinner recipe, take a second to put the green beans in the microwave. Then it's back to put the finishing touches on the pasta and voilà, dinner is ready!

Time Saver: If you like to live on the edge, you can squeeze the dessert shots in while the pasta is cooking.


The Menu

Skillet Coconut Shrimp with Apricot Sauce:  30 minutes 

Simply Steam Green Beans & Almonds:  About 5 minutes 

Lemon Curd Bites:  5 minutes 

The Plan: Instant rice is the way to go for speedy suppers. Start by making your favorite to partner with the shrimp. Next up, the yummy coconut shrimp. Once that’s underway, assemble the dessert—it’s super simple. After checking back in on the shrimp and giving it a stir, microwave the green beans. Then serve it up, sit back and enjoy!

Time Saver: Gather all the ingredients for the shrimp dish the night before. Store in the fridge on a tray so it's ready to grab and go.


The Menu

Mushroom-Swiss Burgers:  30 minutes 

Simply Steam Roasted Potatoes with Garlic & Herbs:  About 7 minutes 

Black-Bottomed Cherry Shakes:  5 minutes 

The Plan: Get supper underway by starting with the burgers. Season, mix, form patties and grill. About half way through grilling, pop the potatoes into the microwave. They should take about seven minutes. Next, finish up the burgers. For the last step, mix up the cherry shakes and serve. Three cheers for quick and easy dinners.

Time Saver: Rely on teamwork. While one person makes the burgers, another can make the shakes.