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Make Your Own Mix & Match Snacks

Created January 10, 2017
See what happened when our editors mixed and matched their favorite snacks to create brand new flavor combos—four tasty ideas await!

Combine your favorite snacks to make a mix all your own! See what our editors came up with and then try it for yourself.


Midwest Mix

Like any good Midwestern girl, I like my snack mixes crunchy, salty and heavy on the corn. So it’s no surprise that my ideal snack mix is packed with Bugles, pretzel sticks, corn snacks, Corn Chex, cheese crackers, cashews and almonds. —Erin Madsen, executive editor


Honey Harvest Mix

Summer’s dog days leave me longing for one thing—fall. In anticipation of my favorite season, I mixed up a harvest-inspired snack of chewy dried apples, sweetened dried cranberries, Honey Nut Cheerios, almonds and pretzels. An ideal finger food to tide me over ‘til cooler temps arrive! —Meghan McAndrews, senior editor


Seriously Salty Mix

Given the choice between salty and sweet, I go salty every time. So for my snack mix, that means beef jerky (the ultimate salty snack), cheddar crackers and cashews, plus Cheerios for crunch and a handful of popcorn to keep things interesting. —Kayla Knudson, managing editor


Gone Fishing Mix

My favorite snacks always hit on that salty-sweet flavor combination, and this summertime mix has it in spades. I paired Vanilla Chex and Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks with pretzel sticks that happen to make the perfect rods for catching Goldfish—the cheddar kind, of course. —Claire Davidson, associate editor