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Easy After-School Snacks

Created January 10, 2017
easy after-school snacks
The best after-school snacks are crowd-pleasing and non-fussy: two things we happen to love about Totino’s pizza rolls and frozen pizzas.

When it comes to tiding over hungry kiddos until dinner, few snacks do the job quite like Totino’s classic pizza rolls or frozen pizzas. For one, it’s tough to beat an after school snack kids can make themselves. (This is where a quick bowl of cereal or granola bar also comes in handy!) While you’re busy getting things ready for dinner, we’re guessing you probably don’t have an extra arm—or additional time—to prepare an elaborate snack. Luckily, our favorite pizza rolls are easy enough for anyone to make in the microwave. The best part? While there are tons of varieties to choose from, there are even more ways to get creative with dips and sauces that add fun flavors to your already delicious bite-sized snacks. Try some of our quick and easy dip ideas below: