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Monster Birthday Party

By Kayla Knudson
Created January 10, 2017
Scare up a good time with a friendly monster party. It’s got everything from crazy-colored apple mouths to an electric-orange monster cake.

Monster Party Menu

With a menu this delicious and easy to pull together, the only boos you’ll hear will be from one monster sneaking up on another.


Nothing rocks a party like a pile of Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Add Buffalo Cheese Dip, Jazzy Ranch Dip and Hawaiian Pizza Dipping Sauce and they’ll be gobbled up so fast, it’s scary!


These Monster Mouths are nothing to be afraid of! They’re apple slices covered in Fruit Roll-Ups, stuffed with peanut butter and topped with marshmallow teeth. The best part? They’re ready in spook in just 10 minutes.


Fun single-serve veggie cups help calm monster-sized cravings for veggies and dip. We used celery sticks, carrots and grape tomatoes, but with a little ranch in the bottom of the cup, anything goes!


All eyes are on you with these Eyeball Brownie Pops. We made ours without the sticks called for in the recipe for an extra-creepy look. Just one bite and you’ll see how delicious they are! (Get it?)


Pineapple Lime Punch looks a lot like slime. And that’s what 10 out of 10 monsters prefer, so it’s perfect for the party! Add a wiggly gummy worm for an extra eww—also a favorite of little monsters.


Monster Birthday Cake

With a box of Betty Crocker cake mix, ready-made frosting, and Fruit Roll-Ups, it’s scary how easy it is to make this Silly Monster Cake. Can you guess what the horns are made from? Ice cream cones wrapped in Fruit Roll-Ups! To make them bright, we added a layer of white frosting first.


Monster Party Favors

Our favorite trick for party favors is always a trip to the dollar store. You never know what you’ll find! On this trip we spotted these colorful monster toys one aisle over from these big, bright bottles of bubbles. Add in a Fruit Roll-Up or two and you’ve got an inexpensive favor for every monster in the house. 

Betty’s Birthday Party

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