Slow Cooker Beanless Chili

By Sarah Caron
Created January 10, 2017
Whether spooned over hot dogs, tucked into a burrito or enjoyed in a bowl by itself, there are endless possibilities for serving this chili! MORE+ LESS-

When it comes to hosting any kind of gathering, I am a no-frills kind of girl. While I might aim for decadence and elegance, the food also has to be easy, fast and simple. After all, I have a house to run, work to do and two kids to raise with my husband. 

Fussy food? It's not even in my vocabulary. 

That's what makes this slow cooker chili so appealing for a crowd. It calls for just a few ingredients (you might even have them all on hand!) and takes about 10 minutes to prep. Easy. Simple. Delicious.


But what's more, this dish is so versatile. Once made (it slow cooks for about 8 hours), it can be spooned onto hot dogs for hearty chili dogs. Or serve it over rice with diced avocado and tomatoes for a quick and easy rice bowl. You can fill a burrito, too, adding this with rice, cheese and veggies. Or stuff it in an omelet. Heck, it's even good on a taco salad, too. 

When you are headed for a fun potluck or barbecue, this is a great dish to bring. It travels well and can go with so many things.