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How to Use Kimchi

From answering the basic “what the heck is kimchi?” to sharing ideas on ways to use it, Betty has you covered.

While kimchi has long been a staple in Korean diets, it really took the U.S. culinary world by storm in the last couple of years—popping up on mainstream restaurant menus and landing in big-box grocery store deli cases and chip aisles (we recently wrote about our love of Food Should Taste Good’s new kimchi tortillas chips). 

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made with fermented veggies—often napa cabbage, radish, cucumber and scallions—and spices (most notably red chili flakes, which give kimchi its signature heat). Kimchi has an intense hot-sour flavor but its ingredients vary by season and region and it can be found in everything from stew to pancakes. Our Betty Crocker Kitchens experts have had some great (e.g. delicious) results experimenting with kimchi flavors this past year. Here are a few of their best recipes: