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Kimchi Tortilla Chips

By Erin Madsen
Created January 10, 2017
The latest tortilla-chip flavor to come from Food Should Taste Good will have fans of Korean fermented veggies rejoicing.


Spicy, tangy, packed with flavor. And completely addictive. These kimchi-flavored tortilla chips always fly off of the shelves at the General Mills company store, and while I had every intention of sharing my precious sample bag, I reconsidered and ended up keeping them at my desk for mid-day solo snacking. They lasted 24 hours. Not my proudest moment; also not my most shameful. (A friendly warning: Make sure you don’t eat these before sharing a face-to-face conversation or a passionate kiss—the garlic and onion are intense.) These zingers would probably be even better dunked in a cool yogurt dip, but I didn’t get past wolfing down the chips in all of their natural glory.