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Sriracha Swirl Bread

By Molly Yeh
Created January 10, 2017
Betty blogger Molly Yeh shares a deliciously easy recipe for a soft loaf swirled with Sriracha.

It's been an emotional year for my Sriracha loving taste buds. First the factory was going to close, then it wasn't, then it was... now I have no idea what's happening with it, but at least the factory closing scare prompted a bunch of homemade Sriracha recipes to come online as well as some lists of fun recipes to make with it. (Luckily my Sriracha supply will last me till the cows come home...) 

Whether you're using real Sriracha or a bootlegged version, this recipe for Sriracha swirl bread combines the smoky spiciness of our favorite hot sauce with soft, doughy bread.


It'll give you a cool swirly design in the loaf and it's all topped off with onions to add a bit of sweetness. 


It's the perfect bread for a sandwich, savory toast, or as a quick little nibble as you pass through the kitchen.