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Kale with Egg and Toast

kale with egg and toast Entree
Kale with Egg and Toast
  • Prep 10 min
  • Total 55 min
  • Servings 2

Get a protein-and-veggie-packed start to your day with this recipe that looks as beautiful as a neighborhood bistro's specialty, but is easy to pull together. MORE+ LESS-

Inspired Taste
November 1, 2011
Progresso Broth
Make with
Progresso Broth


bunch kale (about 9 oz)
slices bacon
tablespoons olive oil
cup finely chopped yellow onion
clove garlic, finely chopped
cups Progresso™ chicken broth (from 32-oz carton)
Juice of 1 medium lemon
Salt to taste
pasteurized eggs*
slices (3/4 inch) bread
fresh chives, chopped
Grated Parmesan cheese


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  • 1
    Remove and discard ribs and stems from kale. Stack leaves; slice into 1/4-inch ribbons. Wash thoroughly; dry and set aside.
  • 2
    In 3-quart saucepan, place bacon; cover and cook over medium-low heat until crisp. Remove bacon from saucepan; set aside.
  • 3
    Drain excess drippings from saucepan. In same saucepan, heat 1 tablespoon of the olive oil. Add onion; cook until transparent. Add garlic; cook 1 minute. Add kale; cook and stir about 5 minutes or until kale is wilted.
  • 4
    Add enough chicken broth to cover kale by 1/2 inch. Heat broth to a simmer. Cover; simmer about 30 minutes or until kale is tender. Squeeze juice of lemon over kale; season with salt to taste.
  • 5
    To serve, fry eggs so that yolks are slightly runny. Toast bread; place 1 slice in bottom of each individual serving bowl. Top each with large spoonful of kale and 1 egg. Break reserved bacon into smaller pieces; sprinkle over top of each serving. Drizzle each with remaining tablespoon olive oil; sprinkle with chives and Parmesan cheese.

Expert Tips

  • *Pasteurized eggs are uncooked eggs that have been heat-treated to kill bacteria. Because the egg yolks in this recipe are not fully cooked, be sure to use pasteurized eggs. They can be found in the dairy case at large supermarkets.
  • This recipe will work with all varieties of kale, but our favorite is the flat-leafed dinosaur kale. This variety is a bit easier to prep when removing the stems and ribs compared to curly kale.
  • For a quick spin on this recipe, use spinach. Cook bacon, onion and garlic per instructions above then add fresh spinach to the pan. Cook 5 minutes or until wilted and serve with toast and egg.

Nutrition Information

No nutrition information available for this recipe

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