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The Top 3 Cooking Lessons of 2018

Updated December 27, 2018
Stir Fry
Get started with these three essential cooking lessons and you say goodbye to future dinner jams and store-bought desserts forever!

We’ll never give up on developing new recipes in the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens. But part of our mission is to empower home cooks, like you, to develop the skills needed to get food on the table every day. That’s why we came up with these three lessons that’ll let you master two easy dinners and a dessert using easy-to-follow frameworks and the ingredients you’ve got on hand. Ready to forgo the recipe? Keep reading!

1.  How to Turn the Contents of Your Crisper into an Easy Dinner

Stir fry may be the best get-out-jail-free dinner ever. It’s quick, uses up all your veggies and is easy to customize—so even picky eaters can be enticed into eating it. Best of all, it doesn’t require a recipe. See for yourself with the article on How to Make Stir Fry with Any Ingredients.

2.  How to Turn Your Fruit into Dessert

The magic of jammy fresh fruit and a sweet baked crust can be yours with a minimum of effort. Learn how to combine a couple of basic baking staples with the fruit that needs using up in this article about How to Fruit Crisp with Any Ingredients

3.  How to Make DIY One-Pot Pasta

Pasta night can be so much more than a box of spaghetti and a jar of red sauce—not that there’s anything wrong with that classic combo. But you can make a one-pot pasta that’s creamy, brothy or saucy with the ingredients you’ve got on hand. Learn how in this article on How to Make One-Pot Pasta with Any Ingredients.

If you found these lessons helpful, check out the rest of Betty’s how-to articles. And if there are other cooking techniques you’d like to master, let us know. We always appreciate feedback from our home cooks!